Rules and Regulations

To ensure all visitors at Asobiba have a safe and enjoyable visit, we have instituted a few house rules for everyone to follow.

Parents or Guardians
  • Must remain within the facility at all times.
  • Observe the child to ensure that they are capable of using the equipment safely.
  • Know where their child is and make sure the child knows where they are at all times.
  • Agree that all children may only use the facility when accompanied by a responsible adult.
House rules:

Asobiba is a play facility for children age up to 12, unless special arrangements are made in advance.

1. Every child must be accompanied by one adult only. Unaccompanied adults or children may be denied access.

2. Visitors may be asked to show their receipts after entering Asobiba and should keep their receipts throughout the duration of their visit.

3. Visitors must always wear the security bracelets while in Asobiba, visitors are required to return these to staff when leaving the centre.

4. Age restrictions apply to certain facilities.

5. Asobiba is a shoe-free facility on the play structures. Everyone going on them, including the adults, must wear socks.

6. Children are advised to wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts to minimise bumps and scrapes. Jewellery is worn at your own risk and children wearing glasses should take particular care.

7. Parents & guardians should encourage children to use the toilet before they enter the play area.

8. Outside food and drinks may not be brought into Asobiba with the exception of baby food. Visitors with pets will not be allowed to enter the building.

9. Asobiba reserves the right to halt or suspend operations of facilities due to operational or other circumstances.

10. Asobiba and its environment is a smoke-free facility.

11. Visitors may be refused entry or be asked to leave Asobiba due to inappropriate behavior or when visitors refuse to cooperate with requests from Asobiba staff.

12. Whilst we strive to provide the safest and the best possible secure environment for children within the facility, thereby allowing them to enjoy their experience fully, visitors should be aware that such measures can never be guaranteed there are inherent risks that are associated with children playing and having fun together. Asobiba cannot take responsibility for this inherent risk and accidents and injuries that occur due to carelessness on the part of visitors. All visitors should use their own judgment in deciding whether a child is capable of participating in an activity.

13. Photography and filming is allowed within Asobiba. However, visitors may be asked to refrain from filming if it is disruptive or if other circumstances require that this privilege be revoked. Phototaking and filming are allowed only certain allocated areas.

14. Asobiba is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property brought into or stored on the premises.

15. Visitors may be photographed or filmed by the media when the facilities or activities are being covered. Please note that these photographs and films will be used for publishing and promotion purposes only.

Admission and Opening Hours

Opening Hours - Daily 10am to 8pm

Admission Fee:
Monday – Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday School Holiday
& Public Holiday
2 Years Old
RM 18 RM 20 RM 22
2 - 12
Years Old
RM 25 RM 30 RM 35
RM 3 RM 3 RM 3

All entries are permitted for a 2-hour play time, each subsequent of 30mins or part there of Below 2 year old - RM5, 2-12 year old - RM8

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